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Preventive Maintenance for Vehicle Components

Beyond the vehicle fluids that keep your car running well, don't forget about the following preventive maintenance components.

Air Filters

Unclean air filters inhibit airflow into your car's engine, which can diminish your fuel economy by at least 15%. Have your air filter changed at least once a year to ensure proper airflow.

Fuel Filters

When your car's fuel filter is tainted with water or limited by other particles, other fuel delivery components are forced to work harder to maintain the fuel pressure. Older vehicle models have sealed filters, so they cannot be inspected but must instead be replaced as often as indicated by your car's manufacturer.

Chassis Lubrication

When you don’t bring your car in for lubrication services as often as needed, you risk wear-and-tear to your car's suspension and chassis and their many moving components.

Cabin Air Filter

Cabin air filters came to be a regular component of cars in the last decade in order to improve the air quality for you and the passengers inside your vehicle. Cabin air filters keep your car's cabin air clean by filtering particles, bacteria and other contaminants such as allergens. Have your cabin air filter replaced annually to ensure air quality.

Windshield Wiper Blades

Under Canadian climate conditions, windshield wipers are susceptible to more accelerated wear-and-tear than most vehicle owners think. Have your wipers replaced every 6 months to make sure you can see clearly while out on the road.

Lights and Bulbs

Your car lights help you see clearly when driving at night or in poor weather conditions, and they also let you communicate your moves to other drivers around you. Make sure you're safe when driving by having your lights, bulbs and fuses replaced as soon as a problem with them is identified.

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