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Car Care Tips and Information

My car is still under warranty. Can I use an independent repair shop?

Even if your car is still under warranty, we will provide you with a comprehensive check on all visual components and can perform factory scheduled maintenance. This is important especially if you plan to keep your vehicle for

a long time. Count on Ellice Automotive to carefully inspect your car and ensure all parts are working properly.


How often should I bring my vehicle in for an oil change?

Regular oil changes and checks should occur more frequently than what most manufacturers are recommending.

Problems with lubrication systems could result in costly repairs if not caught early. By changing your oil more frequently, you are not only ensuring your car is operating safely, you are also extending its lifespan. We recommend changing your oil between 5,000 and 7,000 km even if you are using synthetic oil. Regular oil changes also allow our skilled technicians to check your vehicle for any defects or safety concerns.


The warranty on my car is close to expiring. Should I have it inspected?

You should always take your car to whomever you feel most comfortable with. We will give you an honest assessment regarding your vehicle’s condition. Ellice Automotive is a Victoria based car repair and maintenance shop that will always thoroughly check your car to advise you on any current or potential future repairs.


If my car is still under warranty, do I have to always bring it into the dealership?

You are entitled to bring your car to whatever shop you decide. Ellice Automotive meets manufacturer requirements and uses only top quality parts in all our repairs. Unless you specifically have a service contract that gives you free maintenance from your dealership, you can count on us for honest and reliable repairs.


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