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Steering & Suspension System Services in Victoria

Avoid vehicle noise, vibration or early tire wear by maintaining your steering or suspension components. Overused suspension components can cause your braking precision to diminish. At Ellice Automotive in Victoria, we recommend having your steering and suspension systems checked any time your car is put on a hoist!

Shocks & Struts

Your car's suspension components like the shocks and struts do more than give you smoother drive—they also aid in your brakes' effectiveness, fuel efficiency and maintaining your car's tires. Ensure the stopping accuracy of your brakes, fuel economy and the longevity of your tires; have your shocks, struts and bearings replaced every 80,000 km.

Wheel Alignment

The best way to safeguard your car's control and the durability of your tires is to ensure all four wheels are parallel according to the vehicle's manufacturer's specification. When your wheels are not properly aligned, it causes your tires to wear out more quickly, along with straining your steering and suspension components, and diminishing your car's fuel efficiency.

Let us inspect and adjust your wheel alignments with yearly service.

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