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Fast Vehicle Brake Repairs in Victoria

Friction Materials

The brakes in your car depend on friction to work, so they're subject to wear and tear over the years. "Lifetime brakes" simply don't exist. This means that your car's ability to stop precisely on demand is diminished over time. To ensure a fast-responding brake system, have the disc and drum brakes inspected, cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis.


Hydraulic Systems

The force with which you press down on your car's brake pedal is amplified to power the brake fluid through your brake system, creating enough force to halt your vehicle (power brakes). If there are any weak points in your brake system's lines—such as the seals, hoses and other hydraulic elements—this could cause your brakes to fail due to leaks.



You car's brake fluid is designed to work in high-pressure environments of all sorts of temperatures. Over time, the fluid's boiling point is decreased because of the condensation that forms from the continuous heating and cooling of the fluid. This results in a "mushy" feeling when you press down on the brake pedal and can damage other parts of the brake system. To maintain your brake system, have the fluid and water content inspected regularly for contaminants, and bring your car in for a routine hydraulic system flush.


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