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Engine Oil & Transmission Fluid Services at Ellice Automotive

Engine Oil & Filters

It is recommended that you have your engine oil and oil filters changed every 5,000 km or as indicated in your owner's manual. However, keep in mind that most vehicle manuals are published in consideration of warmer, southern climates. It's considered that Canadian driving calls for "severe service" because of the extreme hot and cool temperature changes.


Transmission Fluid

Your vehicle's automatic transmission fluid works to lubricate the transmission and its hundreds of moving parts. What's more, it also helps to keep contaminants out, which otherwise could lead to costly damages. Have your transmission fluid and filter replaced every 2 years or 40,000 km—whichever occurs first—or as often as stated in your owner's manual.


Chassis Lubrication

Your automobile’s suspension and chassis hold many moving components that are prone to wear when appropriate lubrication schedules are not adhered to.


Power Steering Fluid

Contaminated power steering fluid can impair your vehicle’s power steering system, causing a costly repair. In extreme cases, system failure can happen, leading to a potential safety problem since it will become difficult for you to steer your car. Check your owner's manual to learn how often your fluid should be flushed and replaced.

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